ISBN# 978-0-470-18970-2
The ADD/ADHD Checklist-A Practical Reference for Parents & Teachers

Publication Date: 2008
Sandra Rief

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Paperback, 257 pp

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About the Author

Sandra Rief, M.A., is the author of How to Reach and Teach ADD/ADHD Children and the coauthor of How to Reach and Teach All Students in the Inclusive Classroom. She has been a special education teacher for over twenty years, and in 1995, was named California Resource Specialist of the Year.


Second edition. Designed in an easy-to-read, concise format, this book is packed with up-to-date information and proven techniques for helping children and adolescents with ADHD. Includes practical strategies / interventions for home and school environments, ADHD and the law (IDEA and 504), behavioral strategies, building writing skills, listening, memory, diagnostic process, and much more.


Written by one of America's attention deficit disorder experts, "The ADD/ADHD Checklist" is packed with up-to-date facts, findings, and proven strategies and techniques for understanding and helping children and adolescents with ADD and hyperactivity National print & radio publicity Buyer's Choice.

"This is an excellent, reader-friendly guide to ADD/ADHD. It is useful for parents and teachers alike, an it allows the reader to get answers to their questions quickly by simply looking through the detailed subject index to their specific issue. Topics like medication alternatives, specific approaches for parents, educational guidelines, and teaching strategies are but a few of the topics covered in this book. As an educator with experience dealing with ADHD children, I highly recommend this book."
A reader from Texas, February 6, 2000

"I picked up this book in order to research ADD/ADHD in response to my child's teachers suggestions that he may be such a child. This book is written in such clear terms that it de-mystifies this all enveloping area. It contains simple to follow checklists. But it's best feature for parents are the numerous suggestions for supporting your child at home and at school. I felt empowered by it to gain help for my child who is possibly borderline ADD, but to me seems like a regular boy who does not like putting much effort into school work and resents homework. The label ADD is frightening, but by no means suggests that your child should be medicated. This book supported my search for alternatives."
A reader from America Parent friendly, excellent parenting guidelines, January 26, 2000

"This book is a very good "first book" to start with if you are researching how to help your child. It is written in simple terms that parents can understand. It gives helpful tips on setting up your child's environment in order to help them be more successful. I have read many books on this subject, and this is a staple book for any parent of a child with ADD/ADHD."
A reader from San Ramon, CA USA, A very helpful book for any parent of a child with ADD/ADHD, May 23, 2001


Section One: Checklists for Basic Information on ADD/ADHD
Section Two: Checklists for Parents
Section Three: Checklists for Teachers
Section Four: Academic Strategies for Home and School
Section Five: Other Important Checklists for Parents and Teachers