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The Mad, Sad, Glad Game


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sku# 3601

Ages 5-12, for 3-6 players

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About the Author

The Mad Sad Glad Game is a fast-action board game that combines great fun and important lessons as kids race to match feelings and situations. Kids take turns being the judge, who reads a Situation Card that describes a common situation kids might encounter: "When someone yells at me, I feel...." Others try to be the first to match one of their Feeling Cards to the situation. Includes an additional deck of Advanced Feelings for older children. Play Mad Sad Glad competitively or cooperatively. We include easy modifications for special needs students. Durable, two-color Kimdura gameboard. Ages 5-12, for 3-6 players. Includes three decks: 48 Basic Feeling Cards, 48 Advanced Feeling Cards, and 96 Situation Cards, with a durable Kimdura game board.