ISBN# 0-87822-437-8
Scanning Relaxation CD

Publication Date: 2002
Edward A. Charlesworth


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Audio CD

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About the Author

Edward A. Charlesworth, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist. He is Director of Willowbrook Psychological Associates and President of Stress Management Research Associates, Inc. in Houston, Texas. Dr. Charlesworth is an in-demand speaker and an international consultant to corporations and hospitals. He has written several books and other publications including audiotapes, posters, and numerous journal and magazine articles.


For adults or adolescents. This self-relaxation audio CD presents a thirteen-minute body scanning sequence for systematically relaxing the various muscle groups from head to toe. Listeners learn to "check for" and "let go" of muscle tension associated with stress. The CD also serves as the relaxation component of Stress Management for Adolescents: A Cognitive-Behavioral Program by Dr. Diane de Anda.


Scanning Relaxation Exercise

  • Preparation
  • Breathing
  • Body Scanning
  • Head and Neck Scanning
  • Shoulders and Arms Scanning
  • Chest and Stomach Scanning
  • Hips and Legs Scanning
  • Body Review Scanning