ISBN# 1-886941-65-3
Success in College and Career with Attention Deficit Disorders DVD

Publication Date: 1997
Jennifer S. Bramer, Ph.D.,
Wilma Fellman, M.Ed., LPC

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DVD, 44 min. approx.

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About the Author

Jennifer S. Bramer, Ph.D. is a Licensed Professional Counselor and is past president of the Michigan Counseling Association. She works as a counselor at Lansing Community College and in private practice specializing in adult ADD issues. Her book, Succeeding in College with Attention Deficit Disorders: Issues and Strategies for Students, Educators, and Counselors, is based on her doctoral dissertation research and is highly recommended.

Wilma Fellman, M.Ed., LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a private practice in Career Counseling and Life Planning. she specializes in helping young adults with ADD make initial career decisions and mature adults in work-related transitions. Ms. Fellman has written The Other Me, a collection of poems about how ADD affects one's life as an adult, as a parent, or as a child.

Success in College and Career with Attention Deficit Disordersis for college students, their counselors and educators, and those interested in making appropriate career decisions. Dr. Bramer provides practical information on how to achieve success in college by appropriate school selection, using resources available on campus, communicating with instructors, and developing effective study strategies. Wilma Fellman, M.Ed. focuses on how to make good career decisions with ADD. She reviews relevant trends in the workplace today and their consequences, steps needed to assess one's strengths and challenges, and coaching of individuals to reach and maintain their goals.