The Time Machine

Publication Date: 2006

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About the Author

The Time Machine is a new piece of technology that allows you to control the amount of time a TV, DVD, or video game console can be used. Children can earn tokens at their parentís discretion and each token would be good for 30 minutes of time. If the child has additional tokens to use adding another token will give that child an additional 30 minutes of time. Parents can also preset the time frame allowing children to only use The Time Machine at certain times to avoid inappropriate usage. The device is equipped with a pause button in case the child would need to leave their reward for any amount of time. The Time Machine takes less than 10 minutes to install. The Unit comes with: The Time Machine Console, The Time Machine User Guide, A Power Supply Cable, RCA Composite Cable, Time Machine Tokens (30), TV COAX Cable, Coin Box Keys.