ISBN: 1-57230-545-2
ADHD in Adolescents

Publication Date: 2000
Arthur L. Robin

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Paperback, 461pp

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About the Author

Arthur L. Robin, PhD, is Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences and Pediatrics at Wayne State University School of Medicine, and Chief of Psychology at Children's Hospital of Michigan. A practicing clinical psychologist, he is widely published in the areas of ADHD, parent-teen relations, and eating disorders.


This highly practical guide presents an empirically based "nuts-and-bolts" approach to understanding, diagnosing, and treating ADHD in adolescents. Practitioners learn to conduct effective assessments and formulate goals that teenagers can comprehend, accept, and achieve. Educational, medical, and family components of treatment are described in depth, illustrated with detailed case material. Included are numerous reproducible handouts and forms.


"If I were asked to select only two or three books that I would consider essential to clinical practice in relation to adolescents with ADHD, this book would head the list. It should be readily available to every clinician who works with adolescents and their families."
-George W. Hynd, EdD

"An excellent resource for both therapists and educators."
-Craig A. Everett, PhD

"Dr. Robin's approach is especially successful in balancing medical and psychological aspects of treatment....Unlike many other works on ADHD, the book specifically addresses important psychological characteristics of adolescence that affect this age group's understanding and acceptance of treatment."
-Esther H. Wender, MD

"Robin's careful focus on both broad concepts and the details of the clinical process addresses an array of important topics in an area that is too often ignored."
-Michael Gordon, PhD


  1. Definitions, Descriptions, and Theory Introduction
    1. Definitions and Diagnostic Criteria
    2. Follow-Up Studies and Theoretical Models
  2. Evaluation and Diagnosis Introduction
    1. Medical Evaluation and Rating Scales
    2. Interviewing and Determining Comorbidities/Differential Diagnoses
    3. Cognitive Testing, Educational Impairment, and Laboratory/Observational Measures
    4. Integration of Data
  3. Treatment Introduction
    1. Educating Families about ADHD
    2. Medical Interventions, with Howard Schubiner
    3. Enhancing Academic Success
    4. Parenting and Family Interventions
    5. Family and Home Management Techniques
    6. Restoring Parental Control and Other Structural Interventions
    7. Phasing Out and Follow-Up
    8. Two Adolescents Tell Their Stories Epilogue

    Appendix: Medication Research