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ISBN# 059650010-6
Adult Bipolar Disorders

Publication Date: 2002
Mitzi Waltz

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Paperback, 371pp

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About the Author

Mitzi Waltz has been a professional author, journalist, and editor for over a decade, covering topics ranging from computers to health care. She has been heavily involved in parent support work, and has also advocated for special-needs children within the medical, insurance, and education systems. She is currently completing her Ph.D. in England with the University of Sunderland's Autism Research Unit.


Bipolar disorders are changes in the brain and nervous system that cause severe mood swings, from the deepest suicidal depression to the most elevated euphoria. Approximately 2 million adults in the US have a bipolar disorder, according to the latest figures from the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI). Worldwide prevalence hovers around 1 percent. "Adult Bipolar Disorders: Understanding Your Diagnosis and Getting Help" covers the range of topics that people need to know about in order to help themselves or a loved one. Topics include the range of bipolar disorders; how to get a diagnosis, including descriptions of all diagnostic tests and checklists used by professionals; dispelling myths and misconceptions about this disease; description of medications, therapy, and other interventions; an exploration of family life with bipolar disorders; and suggested ways to cope with diagnosis and treatment.


"I recommend the book, without reservation, not only to bipolar patients, but also to their families, their friends, their caretakers, and to the clinicians who prescibe medicine and other treatment modalities for them. Bipolar patients will find invaluable suggestions in this book about how to cope with their condition, how to obtain treatment and how to pay for it."
--Metapsychology, Mental Health Net

"This book describes the range of bipolar disorders, considers their impact on family life, and offers advice on treatment, support, insurance, and employment. It also explains diagnoses, describes diagnostic tests, and provides details on therapy, medication, and other interventions. Extensive resources are listed, including advocacy and support groups. Waltz is affiliated with the University of Sunderland's Autism Research Unit."
--Book News

"The book is of great reference value, yet speaks in a petient-friendly tone. It explains what the disease is, how it is diagnosed, and what therapies and interventions are most effective in treating it. Readers will find complete information about prescription and over-the-counter medications, including benefits and sife effects. Waltz gives herbs, vitamins, and alternative therapies the same thorough treatment."
-- 4 Start,



  1. What Are Bipolar Disorders?
  2. Getting a Diagnosis
  3. Differential Diagnosis
  4. Medical Care
  5. Talk Therapy
  6. Complementary Therapies
  7. Healthcare and Insurance
  8. Living with Bipolar Disorders
  1. Resources
  2. The Genetics of Bipolar Disorders
  3. Diagnostic Tests