ISBN# 1-886941-33-5
The Buzz & Pixie Activity Coloring Book - A Guide for Parents and Teachers of Young Children with Attention Deficit Disorder

Publication Date: 1999
Bruce Brunger
Cathy Reimers

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Paperback, 108pp

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About the Author

Bruce A. Brunger is a father of three with a passion for teaching and writing. Bruce used his teaching experience, artistic talents and creativity to devise innovative "good behavior" books for his ADHD son to help him in preschool. His work laid the foundation for the development of this book.

Cathy L. Reimers, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist in private practice specializing in developmental child psychology. Cathy earned her Ph.D. at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She has over 20 years experience working with ADHD children.

  • Great for Home and in the Classroom!
  • Memorable “Before” and “After” scenes teach the child good behavior.
  • Has a unique and interactive format.
  • Cartoons and hands-on coloring activities will keep children motivated.
  • Parents and teachers are able to engage young children in discussion of appropriate and inappropriate behaviors and will help teach them many effective strategies in the process.

Note to Parents and Teachers About This Book About Hypie the Hummingbird, Buzz, and Pixie Hypie the Hummingbird Wants You to Remember

Section 1: Situations that Occur at Home
Section 2: Situations that Occur at School
Section 3: Situations that Occur Outside the Home or School
Section 4: Activities to Reinforce Appropriate Behavior