ISBN #978-188694175
Eukee The Jumpy Jumpy Elephant

Publication Date: 2009
Clifford L. Corman, M.D.
Esther Trevino, M.F.C.C.

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About the Author

Clifford L. Corman, M.D. is a board certified child psychiatrist who has worked with attention deficit hyperactive disorder for twenty years. He has collaborated with Dr. Lawrence Greenberg in the development of the T.O.V.A., Test of Variables of Attention.

Esther Trevino, M.F.C.C. Is a licensed Marriage, Family, Child Counselor and Director of Counseling for Accredited Psychological Consultants with offices in Cerritos and Long Beach, California. Ms. Trevino specializes in the assessment and treatment of individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and conducts training groups with children and their parents.


A heartwarming story of a young elephant's struggle with attention deficit disorder. Eukee gets into trouble at home and school because he can't stay still and follow directions. He gets help from his parents and a special doctor and learns ways to succeed.