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ISBN# 0-06-077939-X
The Explosive Child

Publication Date: 2005
Ross Greene, Ph.D.

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sku# 8005P

Paperback, 320 pp

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About the Author

Ross W. Greene, Ph.D. is Director of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology at the Clinical and Research Program in Pediatric Psychopharmacology at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is also Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He lives outside Boston with his wife and daughter.


An explosive child's behavior -- severe noncompliance, temper outbursts, and verbal or physical aggression -- often leaves parents feeling frustrated, guilt-ridden, and overwhelmed. Dr. Ross Greene will help you gain the confidence and knowledge you need to handle these situations competently and lovingly. In The Explosive Child, now fully updated and revised, he provides a sensitive, practical approach to helping your child at home and at school, including:

  • Understanding the factors that contribute to your child's explosions
  • Reducing hostility and antagonism between the child and adults
  • Anticipating situations in which the child is most likely to explode
  • Focusing less on reward and punishment and more on communication and collaborative problem-solving
  • Helping your child develop the skills to be more flexible and handle frustration more adaptively

With Dr. Greene's practical, expert advice, you and your child will forge a new relationship based on communication and mutual respect.