ISBN# 978-0-7382-1261-6
Liking the Child You Love

Publication Date: 2009
Jeffrey Bernstein, PhD

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Paperback, 250 pp

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About the Author

Jeffrey Bernstein, PhD, is a licensed psychologist specializing in child and family therapy in the Philadelphia area. He has appeared on the Today show and Court TV, among other programs.


“I shouldn’t have to tell him that again!" “She is just so spoiled.” “They don’t appreciate anything I do for them.” Do you feel like you’re at the end of your rope? Are you exhausted by your kids arguing over every little thing? Finally there’s a name for your feelings: “Parent Frustration Syndrome” (PFS). No kid is perfect, but parents often don’t realize just how much their own thoughts, rather than their children’s behavior, contribute to being emotionally overwhelmed and discouraged. In Liking the Child You Love, Renowned psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Bernstein offers proven strategies for taming the 9 most common toxic thought patterns that stop us from parenting effectively:

  • The “Always or Never” Trap
  • Label Gluing
  • Seething Sarcasm
  • Smoldering Suspicions
  • Detrimental Denial
  • Emotional Overheating
  • Blame Blasting
  • "Should” Slamming
  • Dooming Conclusions
As you identify and put a stop to PFS’s negative thought patterns, you’ll be amazed at how your kids’ defiant behavior quickly improves, without having to raise your voice or dole out harsh punishments. Soon you will have a closer, calmer, and more loving relationship with your kids-just by changing your own mindset.