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On the Road to Discovery Game

Susan Pease, MSW, CAC
Illustrated by Brunhild Howind

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sku# 0912

For three or more players ages 12 to 18.
Includes game board, game pieces, game cards, and rule book.

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About the Author

Susan Pease, the founder and executive director of the Transition Institute of Marin, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with more than twenty years of experience. Susan has an extensive professional background in dealing with inter-personal relationships and divorce. In addition to her therapeutic skills, Susan has training as a life coach. This enables her to assist clients in striking a balance between looking at past issues and creating goals for the future. Her unique approach, which combines wisdom, humor, and spirituality, provides an atmosphere of ease, safety and hope in all of the groups she leads.

Susan has been in private practice in Marin County since 1993. Her practice consists of individual, couples, and family therapy as well as the many groups she leads for divorcing women. The most recent addition to her work are groups for women are called, "Insight Groups." Through a highly structured curriculum, these groups provide incredible learning to women who want to gain insight to their behavior as well as change maladaptive relationship patterns. 

This is an entertaining and educational board game which supports teens to discuss real issues in their lives; things that face them daily in school, at home and personally. Players move around the colorful On the Road to Discovery board and respond to a variety of game cards which stimulate discussion on issues of school achievement, dating, alcohol and drug abuse, peer pressure, self-esteem, work ethic, sexual behavior, etc. Teens who play, learn and reinforce skills in decision making, communication, self-esteem building, acceptance of diversity, and achieve a greater understanding of themselves and others.