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Practical Suggestions for AD/HD

Publication date: 2003
Clare Jones

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Paperback, 209pp

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About the Author

Dr. Clare B. Jones is a Diagnostic Specialist in private practice in Phoenix, Arizona. She is the former Director of Education for the Phoenix Children's Hospital. Dr. Jones received her Bachelor of Science from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, her Masters of Education from Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio and her Ph.D. from the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio. She did additional post doctorate work at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Dr. Jones is a former classroom teacher and has taught every level of special education from preschool to high school. She was former Coordinator of Special Education for the Lakewood, Ohio School District and the Richfield, Minnesota District.


As the title suggests, this book offers practical suggestions and strategies to meet the challenges of AD/HD. This book provides parents and professionals with the latest cutting-edge research and innovative practices related to AD/HD. Your added value is a section formatted as overheads for an inservice presentation. These overheads can be easily scanned for a PowerPoint presentation. Great for sharing with parents or teachers. You'll get information on: evaluation and assessment, medical and behavioral intervention plans, educational intervention as seen from the parent and professional perspective, the importance of collaboration, issues related to self-advocacy and self-management, and new research on the specific differences of the female affected with AD/HD.



Chapter 1
Joining the World od AD/HD

Chapter 2
Evaluation and Assessment

Chapter 3
What Works? What doesn't Work?

Chapter 4
Parent Power-The role of the Family

Chapter 5
Intervention Plan-Medication

Chapter 6
Intervention Plan-Behavior Strategies

Chapter 7
Intervention Plan-Education (Parent's Perspective)

Chapter 8
Intervention Plan-Education (Teacher's Perspective)

Chapter 9
Team Power! Collaboration

Chapter 10
Girl Power! Girls with AD/HD

Chapter 11
Empower! Motivating the AD/HD Person

Chapter 12
Workshops Work!



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