Cliques, Phonies and Other Baloney

Trevor Romain

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DVD Approx. 25 minutes plus special features.

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About the Author


Being one of the cool kids may not always be what it seems. Trevor shows everyone the importance of being true to themselves and reminds us that we are all, “One of a Kind.”

"Youngsters who are sometimes victimized by their peers will appreciate this reassuring and humorous treatment of cliques versus friendship groups, phonies versus real friends, and popularity versus being popular with yourself."
- Rosie Peasley, Empire Union School District, Modesto, CA

Using hilarious real life situations, Trevor helps kids understand the difference between a clique, or group of friends, and an exclusive or mean clique. Being part of a clique is okay, but excluding others and putting people down is not. In his warm, caring and funny way, Trevor offers helpful suggestions on how to dare to be different, keep an open mind about others, and most importantly, how to remain true to yourself, no matter what.

For grades 2 through 8