ISBN# 978-1886941762
Train Your Brain for Success

Publication Date: 2012
Randy Kulman, Ph.D.

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About the Author

Randy Kulman, Ph.D. is the Founder and President of LearningWorks for Kids, an educational technology company that specializes in using video games to teach executive-functioning and academic skills. For the past 25 years, Dr. Kulman has also been the Clinical Director and President of South County Child and Family Consultants, a multidiciplinary group of private practitioners that specializes in assessment and interventions for children with learning disorders and attention difficulties.


Do you need help organizing your stuff?
Do you struggle to pay attention in School?
Is it hard to stay focused to complete a task?
Are you overly forgetful?
Do you procrastinate or have trouble managing your time?

If any of these problems get in the way of your succeeding in school or with friends and family, you might want to read this self-improvement book written for older kids. Train Your Brain for Success explains "executive function" skills that play an important role in helping us manage our thinking and behavior. These skills can be improved with understanding and practice using Randy Kulman's "Know-Show-Grow" approach to learning. Dr. Kulman also shows you how to use digital technologies such as video games, iPods, and cell phones to improve your executive functions.

Train Your Brain for Success: A Teenager's Guide to Executive Functions provides adolescents with practical, user-friendly strategies to improve their organizational, planning, memory, and time-management skills. This easy-to-read guide should help teenagers and their parents to work on skills that are critical for success in school and life in general.