ISBN# 1-886941-55-6
Study Stategies for Early School Success

Publication Date: 2003
Sandi Sirotowitz, M.Ed.
Leslie Davis, M.Ed.
Harvey C. Parker, Ph.D.

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Paperback, 133pp

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About the Author

Leslie Davis, M.Ed. and Sandi Sirotowitz, M.Ed. earned masters degrees in exceptional education and they founded Educational & Diagnostic Services, Inc., a comprehensive learning center in South Florida.

Harvey C. Parker, Ph.D. has been one of the country's leading ADHD advocates. In 1987, he and two parents of children with ADHD started CHADD, a national organization founded to help children and adults with ADHD. He played an instrumental role in helping the US Department of Education better understand the educational needs of children with ADHD. He was inducted into the CHADD Hall of Fame in 1994 and has served as a member of the CHADD Board of Directors for the past eighteen years.

In November 2019, Dr. Parker was given the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from CHADD.Dr. Parker is an author and co-author of over ten books and Internet websites on ADHD, study strategies, and behavior management. He lectures nationally to parents and professional groups and maintains a private practice in clinical psychology in Plantation, Florida. His other books include: The ADHD Handbook for Schools, The ADHD Workbook for Parents, and Study Strategies Made Easy with Leslie Davis and Sandi Sirotowitz.


This newly published book by the authors of the best-selling, Study Strategies Made Easy, was written for students in grades three through six. Covers seven study strategies:

  1. Organization
  2. Homework Success
  3. Reading for Meaning
  4. Writing Reports
  5. Giving Oral Presentations
  6. Learning Style, Memory, and Attention
  7. How to Take Tests
Contains over seventy-five illustrated activity sheets, templates, charts, and exercises for children to complete.


  1. Getting Organized
  2. Seven Steps to Homework Success
  3. Reading for Meaning
  4. Organizing Written Reports
  5. Giving Oral Presentations
  6. Learning Style, Memory, and Attention
  7. Taking Tests
Internet Homework Resources
Answer Key
Forms You May Copy