ISBN# 978-1886949119
Study Strategies Plus

Publication Date: 2012
Sandi Sirotowitz, M.Ed.
Leslie Davis, M.Ed.
Harvey C. Parker, Ph.D.

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About the Author

Leslie Davis, M.Ed. and Sandi Sirotowitz, M.Ed. earned Master's degrees in Exceptional Education and founded Educational & Diagnostic Services, Inc., a comprehensive learning center in South Florida. They are currently directors at Academic Options, a multi-disciplinary learning center also in South Florida. Both women are adjunct professors and have developed graduate courses in study strategies for teachers.

Harvey C. Parker, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and educational consultant who is nationally recognized for his work in the field of child and adolescent behavior and development.

In addition to collaborating on Study Strategies Plus, the authors also co-authored Study Strategies Made Easy, Study Strategies for Early School Success and Vocabulary Unlimited, all used in leading schools and learning centers across the United States.

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Helps students improve executive functioning skills such as organizing, managing time, planning, focusing, and remembering. These skills are extremely important for success in school and in the workplace. Students will also find valuable strategies to improve reading comprehension, note taking, and reduce stress.

  • Evaluate your present study skills
  • Become better organized and less forgetful
  • Plan for success to accomplish your goals
  • Become an "active" reader and improve your comprehension
  • Take great notes in class
  • Become an expert in test taking strategies to improve grades