ISBN# 1-886941-72-6
Test Success

Publication Date: 2009
Blythe Grossberg, Psy.D.

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Paperback, 89 pp

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About the Author

Dr. Grossberg works as a learning specialist at the Collegiate School in New York City--recently ranked by the Wall Street Journal as he high school with the best rate of admissions to Ivy League and other prestigious colleges in the nation. She also works with students in private practice. Her previous book, "Making ADD Work" helped adults with Attention Deficit Disorder learn how to leverage their strengths and overcome obstacles to achieve success at work. She has written for ADDitude Magazine and worked for The New Yorker. She earned an undergraduate degree in history and literature from Harvard College and a doctoral degree in organizational psychology from Rutgers University.


Test Success helps middle school, high school, and first-year college students succeed on all kids of tests, including standardized tests, multiple-choice tests, essay tests, math exams, and others. The book offers proven strategies that conform to the way each student's mind works. Test Success provides multiple strategies for each type of test students must take so that readers can choose those that they think will be most effective and best suited to their individual learning styles.

Offers special strategies for high-stakes standardized testing and covers state-mandated tests students must pass for graduation and college-admissions tests such as the SAT and ACT. It is written in an easy-to-understand, lively language and includes the experiences of actual students who used strategies in the book to improve their test scores. The book concludes with classroom exercises that teachers can use to apply the concepts to a classroom setting.


"Test Success bolsters development of good study habits while it enables all students to adopt a positive approach to those behaviors that engender robust academic skills. This handy reference books is also a vital tool for educators who want to help build a repertoire of learning skills into their teaching protocols within the classroom."
--Judith Levy Cohen, M.Ed., Certified Learning Specialist with a private practice in New York City

"This book is a must for students and parents interested in learning practical methods for improving test performance."
--Joshua Srebnick, Ph.D., Middle School Psychologist, The Packer Collegiate Institute, Brooklyn, NY

"Dr. Grossberg speaks to children in a style that's fun, smart, and amazingly clear. Nearly all students, including those with learning disabilities, can use Test Success to understand how their minds work and find high-impact strategies for everyday learning issues. This is a wonderful, much-needed resource."
--Sujatha Subramanian, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychological Evaluator, New York City