The Self-Control Game


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An overnight best-seller! Solutions for impulsive behavior. The Self-Control Game helps children learn to control their behavioral responses to and impulsivity. Helps children to express themselves appropriately, listen better, and recognize the consequences of their behavior.

Developed by a child psychologist, the game emphasizes social skills that can help children deal with poor impulse control and peer rejection.

Their are four types of cards:

SITUATIONS cards ask children to decide about a specific situation, differentiating between their feelings and their behavior.

POWER TALK FORMULA cards ask players to think about someone who has provoked their anger and to respond using the Power Talk formula.

PAYOFF/CONSEQUENCES cards present situations kids commonly encounter; they must offer one response with payoff and one with a negative consequence.

+/- cards present behavior for which players gain or lose points.

Includes a reproducible Self-Control Chart that helps kids apply new skills to real life.

Useful as both a diagnostic and treatment tool.Designed for counselors, social workers, therapists, and other helping professionals. For 2-6 players. For ages 8-14.

Intended Audience: Elementary and Middle School