Copeland Symptom Checklist for Attention Deficit Disorders - Child and Adolescent Version

Publication Date: 1987
Edna D. Copeland, Ph.D.

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About the Author

Edna D. Copeland, a child/clinical psychologist and a pioneer in the evaluation and management of ADHD. She has always had a special interest in learning disabilities and their relationship to attention disorders. She has evaluated and treated hundreds of patients with both ADHD and LD and provides comprehensive evaluations for accommodations at the post-secondary level. Positions have included: Director of Psychology, Medical Center of Central Georgiaís Institute for Developmental Medicine ; and founder and director of the Northside Hospital Child Development Institute, a pioneer program in the treatment of ADHD in Atlanta. She has also taught in the Psychiatry Department of the Medical University of South Carolina and at Georgia State University. Recognized nationally as an authority on ADHD/ADD, she has authored several books and other publications on the subject, including Attention, Please! A Comprehensive Guide for Successfully Parenting Children with Attention Disorders (ADHD/ADD), Medications for Attention Disorders (ADHD/ADD) and Related Medical Problems and Attention Without Tension: A Teacherís Handbook on Attention Disorders (ADHD/ADD). She has served on the professional advisory boards of CHADD and ADDA. Dr. Copeland presents lectures extensively throughout the United States to healthcare professionals, educators and parents. She has lectured internationally as well.

Designed to help educators and health care professionals assess whether a child or adolescent has symptoms characteristic of attention deficit disorder, to what degree, and which areas of functioning are most seriously affected. The checklist covers ten areas, including: Inattention/Distractibility, Impulsivity, Activity Level Problems, Noncompliance, Attention-Getting Behavior, Immaturity, Poor Achievement/Cognitive & Visual-Motor Problems, Emotional Difficulties, Poor Peer Relations, and Family Interaction Problems. Scoring instructions included.


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